Good news for Pakistanis on the economic front from PTI government

Good news for Pakistanis on the economic front from PTI government

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan , all economic indicators have been heading in right direction for the last five months.

The value of rupee is strengthening, and foreign investments and exports are increasing owing to prudent economic policies of the PTI-led government.

Credit goes to incumbent government for creating job opportunities for youth and restoring confidence of business community in the country.

International institutions, including Moody's, have described Pakistan 's economic situation as stable. Private sector should extend helping hand to government in strengthening national economy.

All segments of the society should play their due role in development of the economy.

The government should provide facilitation to those who want to make small scale investment in the country.

Pakistan has witnessed increase in Foreign Direct Investment and Foreign Private Investment during the past one year.

The massive increase in investments is a reflection of the trust of foreign investors in the government’s economic policies.

The government should take measures for bringing down the prices of wheat, sugar, cooking oil, fruit and vegetables to provide relief to public.