PIA fires several Air Hostesses and Flight Attendants

PIA fires several Air Hostesses and Flight Attendants

*KARACHI: The administration of Pakistan International Airline (PIA) has fired several flight attendants under Service Discipline Regulation 1985.*

As per details, the national flag carrier dismissed few flight attendants for acquiring the job on a fake educational degree while others were fired due to availing illegal leaves.

In the first phase of its crackdown, the PIA sacked three air hostess and two stewards from Flight Services Department.

Prior to the dismissal, the employees were issued show-cause notices as per the airline’s rules, but none of them submitted their response to it.

Earlier in August, Pakistan International Airlines announced a record number of promotions of 1,000 flight attendants as it was the highest-ever figure in the history citing past records.

Sources said that the large-scale promotions were made for the first time in history in Flight Services Department of the national flag-carrier as more than 600 flight attendants were promoted from Grade 4 to Grade 5, whereas, more than 90 attendants were promoted to Grade 6 from Grade 5.