Pakistan installed modern Radar System

Pakistan installed modern Radar System

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has installed a modern radar system, under which three to ten days weather forecast would be possible.

"New radar weather system will be inaugurated soon at the PMD to improve short-range forecasting system for three to ten days," an official source in the Aviation Division told APP.

He said the country’s weather forecasting capability would get a boost with the installation of new weather surveillance radar.

Under a project, he said, "Establishment of Specialized Medium Range weather Forecasting Centre (SMRFC) and Strengthening of Weather Forecasting System” sponsored by JICA, installation of weather radar and a Wind Profiler system, High Performance Computing Cluster system had also been installed at PMD Islamabad.

The new system would be capable of timely dissemination of accurate severe weather forecast and warnings to the vulnerable districts and communities of Pakistan.

"It will also be able to measure highly accurate rainfall intensity and to detect the weather situation," he said.