What is China’s nuclear weapons use policy?

What is China’s nuclear weapons use policy?

BEIJING - China on Tuesday reiterated that it will not use nuclear weapons first and foremost at any time and under any circumstances.

This is the policy from the first day, since the possession of nuclear weapons, said Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying at a regular news briefing.

The Chinese government has solemnly stated that it will never go for first use of nuclear weapons. China has always abide by this commitment, firmly adheres to the nuclear strategy of self-defense and defense, and always maintains nuclear power at the minimum level required for national security, without posing a threat to any country.

We resolutely oppose any ill-conceived practices that arbitrarily distorted China’s policy intentions and sought excuses for expanding and strengthening its nuclear arsenal, she added.

Hua Chunying termed the US Department of Defense’s annual report to this effect, ridiculous, stating that the so-called report is unreasonable to China .

Asked to comment on President Trump’s statement on China-US economic and trade consultations, she said China’s position on relevant issues is consistent and its attitude is very clear and consistent.

“We have consistently advocated the resolution of contradictions and differences through dialogue and consultation, and we insist that dialogue and consultation must be based on reciprocity, equality and integrity. Only such communication and consultation can make sense and progress can be made,” she added.

She told the reporters that State Councilor Wang Yi and Greek Foreign Minister Kozias signed a memorandum of understanding on the “One Belt, One Road” cooperation between the Chinese and Greek governments.

This is of positive significance to the “Belt and Road” cooperation. The joint construction of the “Belt and Road” will certainly become a new growth point for China-EU strategic cooperation.

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