Hajj 2016: Rs 4.94 billion irregularities revealed

Hajj 2016: Rs 4.94 billion irregularities revealed

The audit report for Hajj 2016 shows that documentary proof of expenditures and vouchers worth Rs 4.94 billion is unavailable. 

Furthermore, the ministry failed to recover approx Rs 89.16 million in interest on late payments and it also failed to recover nearly Rs 83.49 million in interest from the term deposits made by successful applicants. 

The Ministry seems to have colluded with favoured banks to embezzle these funds. Another loss of around Rs 34.02 million was caused by the Ministry not making term deposit in Saudi Arabia. 

The list is long and shows how mismanagement and mala fide decisions have caused losses to public exchequer. Auditors have suggested strict action against all officers involved.

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