Pakistani pacer Naseem Shah reveals the most painful moments of his life

Pakistani pacer Naseem Shah reveals the most painful moments of his life

Naseem Shah, a young and talented fast bowler, has captured the hearts of cricket fans across Pakistan with his impressive skills and hard work. He made his debut at just 16 years old, a dream come true for any young cricketer.

However, this joyous moment was overshadowed by the loss of his beloved mother, who he loved more than anyone else in the world. Despite the pain of his mother's loss, Shah decided to play his debut match, dedicating his performance to the memory of his mother.

In an emotional interview with Sawera Pasha, he revealed that this was the most difficult phase of his life, and he had to take medicines to find peace of mind.

The loss of his mother was so overwhelming that he struggled to talk about it. He found himself forgetting things that he would never have forgotten when his mother was alive. The pain was so great that he tries to avoid going home, as he can still see his mother walking through the doors of their house.

Despite this heart-wrenching pain, Shah remains determined to make his mother proud. He imagines that his mother is sitting in front of him, listening to his dreams and desires. He continues to work hard and pursue his passion for cricket, just as his mother always supported him.

Through his dedication and perseverance, Naseem has become a role model for young cricketers across Pakistan. Lately, he has become the centre of attention due to his phenomenal performance in the Asia Cup 2022.