Sajjan Jindal violated Pakistan-India visa rules

Sajjan Jindal violated Pakistan-India visa rules


Sajjan Jindal and PM Nawaz sharif meeting controversy seems to deepen as electronic media has reported that Jindal has violated the visa rules.

As per the Pakistan India visa rules the citizens of each other country can only visit the city for which he has been granted visa.

Sajjan Jindal violated his visa in order to meet Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday.

The Indian steel magnate headed straight to Murree upon arrival in Pakistan even though his visa did not specify that he could travel to the hill station.

The Pakistan-India visa regime allows citizens from the other country to only travel to areas specified on the visa. 

Jindal’s visa, bearing the number 769903, issued on April 25, 2017 allowed the holder to visit only Islamabad and Lahore.