More stunning revelations made in the ongoing money laundering scandal against Shahbaz Sharif family


LAHORE: An ongoing investigation into money-laundering charges against the Sharif brothers has unearthed several suspicious money transfers in their accounts, ARY News reported on Friday, citing sources.

Sources said that a huge amount was laundered abroad through telegraphic transfers (TTs) in the names driver, currency dealer, mobile seller, and clothes seller.

According to the revelations, $1,34000 were received by the Sharif family sent abroad through TT in the name of currency seller Mehboob, while $5,17000 were laundered through TT under name of Rameez Shahid, a resident of Dubai, sources revealed.

This was not all the money was laundered even in the names of a driver, a mobile shop owner. $86,000 were received abroad through telegraphic transfers in the name of driver Abid Shah, while $53,000 were transferred in the name of mobile shop worker named Khayal Nawaz and nearly $200,000 were received by the Sharif brothers abroad in the name of a cloth seller, hailing from Karachi, without bringing it into his knowledge, sources said.

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Earlier, the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) banking crime circle had discovered billions of rupees stashed in bank accounts of employees of PML-N president Shehbaz Sharif’s son Salman Shehbaz.

Sources had relayed the FIA found a staggering Rs9.5 billion in bank accounts of Salman’s employees who have been working at the Ramazan and Al-Arabia Sugar Mills. Providing a breakdown of the amount, they said, Rs2.3 billion was found in a bank account of Salman Shehbaz’s peon, named Maqsood, who also purchased a luxury car worth more than Rs15 million.