India using Afghan soil to destabilise Pakistan: Pervaiz Musharaf

India using Afghan soil to destabilise Pakistan: Pervaiz Musharaf

LONDON - The former Pakistani President and army chief Pervez Mushrraf has claimed that India is using Afghanistan to damage Pakistan as he blamed the foreign countries for hatching conspiracies against the country using the ongoing situation in the country.

Speaking during a gathering of All Pakistan Muslims League in London, the former Pakistani dictator also slammed the government institutions for the lack of coordination.

“Instability exists in Pakistan today and foreign countries like India are taking advantage because institutions are not on the same page and India is using this situation to damage Pakistan in neighbouring Afghanistan and elsewhere. It’s a dilemma we face today."

The latest remarks by Musharraf came as relations remain strained between Kabul and Islamabad, mainly due to the circumstances surrounding the fight against terrorism.

The Afghan believe the Taliban group and the Haqqani terrorist network still possess safe havens in the FATA areas of Pakistan from where they plan and coordinate large scale attacks in Afghanistan.

On the other hand, Washington has also increased pressures on Pakistan to act against the terrorist groups having safe havens in Pakistan, including the Haqqani terrorist network.

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