ShivSena announces Rs. one lakh for one slap to Bollywood Star Amir Khan

NEW DELHI: A leader of the Punjab unit of the Shiv Sena has offered Rs 1 lakh to anyone who slaps Bollywood actor Aamir Khan for his comment on ‘growing intolerance’ in the country. The Shiv Sena, however, said on Thursday the remark was not the official view of the party. “Any person who slaps Aamir Khan will be rewarded Rs 1 lakh by the Shiv Sena. This is important because no one living in our country should dare to say anything against India… Anyone from the hotel staff or the film crew can slap him and take the reward,” Punjab Shiv Sena chief Rajeev Tandon said on Wednesday. The Shiv Sena said it had nothing to do with the comment made in Ludhiana. The announcement by Tandon came as Shiv Sena workers earlier protested near a 5-star hotel in Ludhiana where Khan and his crew have been staying during the shooting of the movie ‘Dangal’. The protesters burnt Khan’s posters and disrupted traffic outside the hotel. “The hotel employees have been told to remain extra vigilant to avoid any suspicious person reaching near Amir’s room,” a hotel executive was quoted by The Indian Express as saying after the Shiv Sena’s announcement. Trying to put to rest the huge row over his comment, Khan said on Wednesday he and his wife loved India and had no intention of leaving the country. With protesters and the media following him after his remarks, Khan’s security has been stepped up by the Punjab Police. Reference: Hindustan Times