Pakistani film “Moor” nominated for Oscar Award

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani new film Moor has been nominated for Oscar Award competition this year. The film has been shortlisted for “Foreign film feature” category of Oscar Award. As per details, Jami is the director of film while Hameed Sheik and Abdul Qadir have played central role in the film. At the moment, the director Jami is in India for the exhibition of his film “Moor” in film festival. Film will also be presented for exhibition in US and Australia’s film festivals. Hamid Shiekh said in his statement that, it is a good news for Pakistan especially for the people who are associate with showbiz that our film has been nominated for Oscar Award. The film is also being presented in different film festivals and getting good response. He added. Hamid further stated that he is hopeful that our film “Moor” will win the Oscar Award.