Pakistan is anxious about growing hate crimes again Muslims: FO Spokesman

ISLAMABAD: Foreign office Spokesperson Qazi Khalilullah expressed his grief over the growing hate incident against Muslim after the Paris attacks. In his weekly press briefing at foreign office Islamabad, he said terrorism is being connected with Islam and anti- Muslim hate crimes are shocking since attacks in Paris. He further said that terrorists have no religion and Islam is a peaceful religion that invites peace and tranquility. However, some elements are trying to connect terrorism with Islam. Pakistan has concerns about the tense relations between Russia and Turkey and the tension between both countries should be eased through peaceful negotiations. He added. Pakistan will raise the issue of executions before Bangladeshi High Commission. Pakistan is also observing the situation in Syria. Qazi said. Pakistan want peaceful solution of Kashmir and Kashmir dispute should be resolve according to the UN resolutions and desires of Kashmiri people. Spokesperson added.