Pakistan’s Chacha Cricket all set to make history

Pakistan’s Chacha Cricket all set to make history

KARACHI – Pakistan’s all-time young cricket fan known as Chacha Cricket will be getting an international award for his matchless dedication and services towards the sport as a super fan.

The 70-year-old enthusiast Abdul Jalil will be honoured with prestigious Global Sports Fan Award on June 14 in Manchester – days before Pakistan’s high-octane clash with India for the World Cup 2019.

Chacha Cricket expressed that he was overwhelmed at the global recognition, thanking his associates.

“After five decades of Cricket frenzy madness, I am overwhelmed to get my first global recognition. This is an emotional moment for me and I would like to thank my family and all well-wishers who stood beside me,” he was quoted as saying by Geo News.

“It’s been 50 years since I have stood tall for my team cheering louder & higher but this award has justified all my cheers and tears that have seen emotions & sacrifices. I am so honoured to receive the first-ever Global Sports Fan Awards having spent my life for the cause of my passion and goodness of Cricket,” he added.

Chacha Cricket has under his belt over 5 decades of experience as a cricket fan and can be easily spotted in any fixture with Green Shirts on the ground.