What US said about Pakistan to former RAW Chief?

What US said about Pakistan to former RAW Chief?

NEW DELHI - Former RAW Chief AS Daulat has confessed that he used to urge the US to put pressure on Pakistan, but the US would say that they do put pressure on Pakistan, however, beyond a certain point they become ‘helpless’.

He said in his book "Spy Chronicles" that US has some leverage over Pakistan but they are unable to move forward beyond a certain point, probably where the national security interests of Pakistan comes.

He said India has screwed up its relationship with Russia and that “there is none with the Chinese” while adding that the relations with the neighbours have also deteriorated.

He said that US’ belief that India could act as a counterbalance to China in the region is a ‘wishful thinking’ not only because India is not in a position to do so, but also that it would not like to offend China by becoming a proxy for any other country.

He said that Americans had a key interest and influence in Kashmir specially in the 1990s, however, it changed after 9/11 when previously called the ‘freedom fighters’ came to be known as terrorists. He said that he generally agrees that both India and Pakistan are beyond ‘arm twisting’ done by the US.

Agreeing with Durrani, Dulat said that the US is happy to see ‘khatpat’ (agitation) between India and Pakistan and that both the countries should work together to find a solution on their terms, rather than on the terms of the US.