US has shattered Indian dreams of becoming dominant regional player: PEW

US has shattered Indian dreams of becoming dominant regional player: PEW

ISLAMABAD : The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) has said that the new sanctions of the United States (US) on Iran have damaged the Indian plans to become a dominant regional player.

President PEW, Murtaza Mughal has said that the US sanctions have put a question mark on the future of Chabahar port of Iran which was badly needed by India for trade with Afghanistan bypassingPakistan.

He said that Chabahar Port located in southeastern Iran and serving as Iran’s only oceanic port was also touted as a rival to the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) but the latest US move has jeopardized its future wasting billions of dollars of investment by India in Iran and Afghanistan.

The uneasy relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan has helped move a lot of transit trade to Iran compromising Pakistan’s position in Afghanistan but the situation has taken a turn in favour ofIslamabad after the sanctions and Karachi’s port has regained importance, the President PEW added.

Dr. Murtaza Mughal said that Pakistan is regaining its importance in the Afghan politics while a lot of efforts initiated by India have gone down the drain.

The Iranian port has no future as no institution or international bank will try to engage in business with Tehran to face US wrath, he said, adding that Iran’s efforts to reach some central Asia states bypassingPakistan have also failed.

Similarly, now India has no way to reach Afghanistan and central Asia and she would soon seek a land route from Pakistan which should never be allowed.