Pakistan faces worst threat from Daesh being organised on its western borders

Pakistan faces worst threat from Daesh being organised on its western borders

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan has been faced with the threat of Daesh on its western borders and the Daesh is intentionally relocated to the border areas with Pakistan by the US Agencies.Iran has warned Pakistan to careful as the Islamic State is being relocated in border region shared between Pakistan and Afgahnistan.

Senior Iranian official informed a delegation led by Attorney General for Pakistan (AGP) Ashtar Ausaf Ali that Iran have credible intelligence reports that the US has relocated Da’esh and its heads Abu Bakar Baghdadi to Afghanistan.

The official also informed that the US and Israel intend to turn Pakistan and Iran into another Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan.

A delegation led by Ashtar Ausaf Ali visited Iran on the invitation of Iranian AG Muhammad Jaffer Monatazeri two weeks ago to discuss various issues, especially related to the judiciary of both countries.

The AGP was accompanied with Additional Attorney General Syed Nayyar Rizvi and Deputy Attorney General Syed Nayyab Gardezi. The visit remained successful in various ways.

Both sides agreed to establish a working group for sharing information, exchange of prisoners, exchange of focal points from National Commission on Human Rights, etc.

Foreign policy experts are giving much importance to Iranian message regarding Da’esh’s presence in Afghanistan and the support provided to it by the US.

The Foreign Office is also repeatedly questioning the increase of Da’esh’s presence in Afghanistan. Russia, Tajikistan, etc., have already shown concerns over alleged US’ backing to Da’esh.

Recently, Tajikistan’s ambassador in Pakistan, while addressing a news conference on May 16, expressed concern over the increase in the influence of Da’esh in Afghanistan, adding that its presence is big threat for the peace of whole region.

The other significant outcome of the visit was that the delegation has been informed that the Iranian Supreme leader has directed the Iranian judiciary to help the oppressed people of Kashmir against injustice meted out to them.