Pakistani man pardons 10 Indians over son's murder

Pakistani man pardons 10 Indians over son's murder

ABU DHABI: A Pakistani man has pardoned ten Indians who were convicted for killing his son in Abu Dhabi in 2015, in exchange for blood money.

According to details, ten Indians were convicted by a UAE court for killing a Pakistani man named Muhammad Farhan after an altercation. However, his father Muhammad Riaz has agreed to pardon the convicts in exchange for blood money. All the convicts are Indians and on death row.

“It was unfortunate that I lost my son. I have forgiven these 10 individuals. In fact, Allah has saved their lives,” said the father.

Farhan appealed to the young generation not to indulge in such fights and altercations since ‘the lives of at least 10 people, including a wife and children, hinge [financially] on one person [who comes to work in the UAE]’.

A Dubai-based Indian businessman by the name of SP Singh Oberoi will pay the blood money on behalf of the convicts. Oberoi heads a charitable trust which has also invited the father of the deceased, Muhammad Riaz, to come to the UAE, arranging accommodation for him and his family.

The court will have to rule on the pardon but it is most likely that the convicts will be freed since blood money is acceptable in a court of law in Dubai after the two parties have reconciled and one is ready to pardon the other for the crime.