Exports from Pakistan in Rupee term register significant growth in FY 2018-19

Exports from Pakistan in Rupee term register significant growth in FY 2018-19

ISLAMABAD: Exports from Pakistan in rupee term increased by 22.92 per cent during July-May (2018-2019) compared to the corresponding period of last year.

The exports from Pakistan during the period under review were recorded at Rs2,865,543 million compared to the exports of Rs2,331,258 million during the first eleven months of the last fiscal year (2017-18), according to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

On Year-on-year basis, the exports from Pakistan during May, 2019 increased by 24.06 per cent when compared to the exports of the same month of last fiscal year. The exports during May 2019 amounted to Rs. 306,303 million Rs. 246,907 million during May, 2018.

On month-on-month basis, the exports during May 2019 increased by 3.64 percent when compared to the exports of Rs. 295,541 million in April, 2019, the data revealed.

The main commodities of exports during May,2019 were Knitwear (Rs. 39,914 million), readymade garments (Rs. 36,862 million), bed wear (Rs. 27,440 million), cotton cloth (Rs. 24,376 million), rice others (Rs. 20,495 million), cotton yarn (Rs. 15,552 million), rice Basmati (Rs.12,021 million), towels (Rs.10,570 million), fish & fish preparations (Rs.8,462million) and made-up articles (excl. towels & bed wear) (Rs.8,459 million).

On the other hand, Imports during July-May, 2018 – 2019 totaled Rs. 6,776,616 million as against Rs. 6,022,785 million during the corresponding period of last year, showing an increase of 12.52%.

The imports into Pakistan during May, 2019 amounted to Rs. 734,578 million as against Rs. 670,895 million in April, 2019 and Rs. 667,562 million during May, 2018 showing an increase of 9.49% over April, 2019 and by 10.04% over May,2018.

The main commodities of imports during May,2019 were petroleum products (Rs.73,301 million), aircrafts, ships and boats (Rs. 64,499 million), petroleum crude (Rs.55,264 million), natural gas, liquified (Rs.49,003 million), plastic materials (Rs31,362 million), iron & steel (Rs. 28,819 million), palm oil (Rs. 24,287 million), electrical machinery and apparatus (Rs.21,726 million), power generating machinery (Rs.21,025 million) and iron and steel scrap (Rs.17,489 million).