China's foreign ministry lauds Imran Khan

China's foreign ministry lauds Imran Khan

BEIJING - China hoped that Pakistan would be successful in completing political transition, maintaining stability and achieving better development.

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Gang Shunang said on Friday that at a regular news briefing that China pays close attention to the post-elections scenario in Pakistan.

When asked to comment on PTI’s chief Imran Khan’s televised statement to the nation on Thursday, the spokesman said the Chinese side has taken note of his statement on China-Pakistan relations.

China has been the cornerstone of Pakistan’s foreign policy. No matter which party is in power, it will not change its friendly policy toward China. About Imran Khan’s commitment with the construction of the China-Pakistan economic corridor, he said “We believe that this is of great significance to the development of the Pakistani state. “

The Chinese side highly appreciates this. It is believed that people from all walks of life including the Imran are strong supporters of China-Pakistan friendship.

Imran Khan’s statement fully shows that China-Pakistan friendship is all-weather. No matter how the domestic situation changes in the two countries, China-Pakistan all-weather strategic partnership will not be shaken, which is in the common interest of the two countries and the two peoples.

Meanwhile, a report published in the Chinese major media network, the Global Times said it's imperative the new government stabilize the country and introduce policies and measures to promote development, as well as smooth implementation of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CEPC).

A five-year period of stability is needed to put the country on the path to development. Pakistan is an important country in South Asia and an international frontier in global counter-terrorism.

As an important neighbor of Pakistan and an all-weather strategic partner, China hopes Pakistan can maintain political stability and advance on the right development track.

This is not only because of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a mega project for regional connectivity, but also because maintaining stability in the surrounding areas and promoting regional cooperation for common development is an important goal of China's neighborhood policy.