British government official response surface over general elections 2018 in Pakistan

British government official response surface over general elections 2018 in Pakistan

LONDON - After the endorsements and recognition of the United States, China and Saudi Arabia governments over the general elections 2018 in Pakistan the official response of the UK government has also surfaced.

Britain has also lauded the election process in Pakistan as a milestone step towards stable democracy in Pakistan.

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt on Friday congratulated the millions of Pakistani voters who participated in the July 25 general elections.

“The people of Pakistan have shown they will not be cowed by the terrorists who seek to disrupt the democratic process,” the British secretary said in a message. “I extend my deepest condolences to those affected by recent attacks.”

“This is an important moment for democracy in Pakistan, marking an unprecedented second successive transfer of power from one full-term civilian government to another.

“I welcome the initial findings from international and domestic observers. Running elections in a country of 208 million people is a challenging and complex task. The Election Commission of Pakistan should be commended for its work to improve accountability, transparency and inclusiveness”, he added.

“Like the election observation missions, we are also concerned about reports of pressure on the media and the number of parties with links to proscribed groups who preach violence and intolerance. Jinnah’s vision of a tolerant, pluralist Pakistan remains central to a stable and cohesive society.”

Hunt said it is now for Pakistan’s elected representatives to work together to ensure a successful transition. “I hope all sides will resolve any disputed results peacefully and in accordance with Pakistan’s electoral laws,” he added.