Sindh Police: A force plagued with criminals

Sindh Police: A force plagued with criminals

Over 12000 policemen are serving in Sindh Police with suspicious record. This was informed to Supreme Court’s (SC) Karachi Registry in a report compiled by inquiry committee headed by Additional IG Rana Sanaullah Abbasi in case pertaining to taking action against officials with criminal record.

The report was compiled after analyzing record of as much as 100,000 policemen. Out of 100,009 police officials investigated, 15000 were summoned by courts across Sindh while 11,000 were granted clean chit.

Expressing exasperation during proceedings, Justice Sajjad Ali Shah inquired about the action taken against police high ups involved in criminal activities.

“Why no action has been taken against the police high ups. It is unfair to hold only junior officers accountable for alleged involvement in crimes while letting seniors roam freely,” remarked Shah.