Chaudhry Nisar says "I am proud to have Army background, but never compromised on civilian authority"

Chaudhry Nisar says

He said he served his life for the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), “why would I leave them in a crisis situation.”

I have always spoken truth to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, no matter how bitter it is, said Nisar.

He said he could have easily appeased the PM, but that wont be called ‘loyalty’. “I always plays devil’s advocate with you, but not publicly.”

Without naming a PML-N leader, he said that particular person has serious clouds both financially and ethically.

‘I am proud to have army background’

Nisar said he was proud that he belonged to a family with a army background. “But I never compromised on my civilian authority,” he added.

He vowed that he never spoke to any army chief regarding civilian authority.