Afghan Army fearfull of Haqqani network

Afghan Army fearfull of Haqqani network

Officials at the Afghan Ministry of Defence have criticized Pakistan over its ” military operation close to the Afghan border and said that “Islamabad is trying to push Haqqani network into Afghanistan.”

It was amazing to hear the Afghan Defence ministry allegations as it has been demanding from Pakistan to act against Haqqani network.

Once Pakistan has started it's operation to flush out terrorists from its soil, Afghanistan is fearful of the Haqqani network and other terrorists who may escape to Afghanistan and it may not be  handled by Afghanistan Army.

Pakistan launched a military operation ten days ago - Khyber-IV operation - close to the Afghan border “which was supposed to be monitored by the U.S and China.”

On Saturday, the Pakistan Army announced that it had completed the first phase of Operation Khyber-IV in the Rajgal area of Khyber Agency after gaining control of a key mountain top called Brekh Top.

Pakistan’s Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said the valley associated with Brekh Top is now cleared adding that the mountain top had been cleared on Friday night by the Special Services Group (SSG).

Pakistan’s ISPR said in a press release last week that "the information about Operation Khyber-IV has been shared (twice verbally and in writing) with Afghan Forces as well as Resolute Support Mission”.