Under US pressure, Afghanistan to enact new Army law giving blow to Army Generals

Under US pressure, Afghanistan to enact new Army law giving blow to Army Generals

KABUL - Head of security and defense commission of Meshrano Jirga in Afghanistan , Hashim Alokozay, said the retirement-age draft law is one of the reasons behind an increase in casualties among security force members in the fight against insurgents.

“This draft law is not in favor of Afghanistan . It will push the experienced officers to stay at home.

In fact, this is Americans’ law as they want to remove the former mujahedeen commanders and those who have links with former parties such as Khalq and Parcham from the Afghan National Arm’s structure,” said Alokozay.

Based on the draft law, colonels will retire at age of 54, major generals at age of 58, lieutenant generals at age of 60 and generals will retire at age of 62.

Alokozay said they have increased the retirement ages by two years at the senate and that these changes will be approved by a joint committee from the parliament and the senate.

Meanwhile, military analysts said the draft law is not in favor of security agencies.

“The main pillar of the security forces are those people who according to this draft law are about to retire. If these people are removed from the security departments, it will be difficult for the national army to prove themselves easily,” military affairs analyst Jawed Kohistani said.

Interior ministry however said the implementation of the new retirement-age draft law will bring reforms in the security forces lines.

Deputy spokesman of the ministry Nusrat Rahimi said young officers and generals will have an opportunity to join Afghan National Security and Defense Forces (ANDSF) once the draft law is approved.

“We welcome this draft law. In fact, it is a step towards implementing reforms in security agencies and it will provide the opportunity for young people to serve in the lines of security force members in the country,” Rahimi said.

The remarks come at a time that casualties of security force members this winter in the fight against militants is higher than previous years.

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