Suicide attack on SSP Rao Anwar turned out to be fake: Report

Suicide attack on SSP Rao Anwar turned out to be fake: Report

KARACHI - The suicide attack upon the convoy of the SSP Rao Anwar few days ago turned out to be fake as the real facts have been revealed. The family members of a man accused of being a suicide attack, gunned down by Karachi police earlier this month, protested after officials refused to hand over his body.

Gul Saeed was allegedly involved in a suicide attack on SSP Rao Anwar on January 16, and was one of two militants killed by the police in the 'incident'.

Saeed's family, however, has rejected the claim and insisted that he was a driver who lived in Karachi's Orangi Town.

The man's brother, Mohammad Shoaib, said police had refused to issue a no-objection certificate to the family, demanding that the family bring his national identity card and agree to a DNA test since they have no record of the deceased.

The family, outraged at the demands, took away Saeed's body by force. However, after negotiations with the police, they returned the corpse to the mortuary.

Earlier this month, a suicide bomber had reportedly blown himself up near Anwar's convoy when he was on his way to his house in Malir Cantt. Two other attackers were said to have been killed in 'retaliatory fire' by policemen. The former Malir SSP had remained unhurt.

However, that version of events has been contested since it was uncovered that a separate encounter had been staged in which an innocent man — 27-year-old Naqeebullah Mehsud — had been gunned down on Rao Anwar's watch