Malala Yusafzai hits out at Donald Trump in her Davos speech

Malala Yusafzai hits out at Donald Trump in her Davos speech

DAVOS, SWITZERLAND – Using the World Economic Forum as her platter, the youngest Nobel Prize Winner and Pakistan’s pride Malala Yousafzai spoke along the lines of women empowerment.

In doing that, she also sent a message to Trump and other male leaders on the state of gender disparity in the today’s world.

“So disappointed to see that people in high positions talk about women in unequal terms and do not accept them as equals,” said Malala when she was asked what her message to ‘someone like Trump’ would be.

She continued along the same lines regarding Trump’s track record of harassment and remarks on women’s rights, “it is just shocking for a second to believe that this is actually happening. . . . I hope that women stand up and speak out against it.”

Malala also spoke on how investing in education and empowering women would have long term benefits: “When you invest in a girl you are contributing to her individually, she will have a future but you are impacting the community, the country the nation. It will help the economic growth, it helps reduce poverty, it helps control climate change, it helps address child labour, child trafficking and a host of other issues.”

We have to change the way we act, the way we speak, the way we address the issue,” said Malala in her closing remarks.