In an interesting claim Nawaz Sharif says I had stopped drone strikes in Pakistan by warning President Obama

In an interesting claim Nawaz Sharif says I had stopped drone strikes in Pakistan by warning President Obama

JARANWALA: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif Saturday claimed that there was no US drone attack in Pakistan when he was prime minister.

Addressing a public meeting here, the deposed prime minister claimed that he had told former US president Barrack Obama that drone attacks in Pakistan were not acceptable.

“I told Obama that Pakistan is a sovereign state and drone attacks would not be tolerated, and do you not remember that during my tenure those attacks had stopped,” he claimed. He said that now the drone attacks were once again started.

He once again questioned his disqualification by the supreme court and asked the participants of the rally, “is it a crime to not draw a salary from your son?” Nawaz questioned the attendees of the rally. “I was ousted because of this crime.”

He announced that Jaranwala would be made district after de-limitation of the constituencies and said that he would ask Shahbaz Sharif to make Jaranwala as district.

He stressed that he ended the power outages in the country during his tenure.

“I recall the time when we conducted the nuclear tests in 1999,” he said. “Pakistan was on the way to become the Asian tiger, its economy was growing, but Musharraf ruined Pakistan’s bright prospects by imposing martial law.”

“You elected me as the prime minister so how can someone else announce my ouster,” he said, adding that whether his disqualification was for five years or life, no one could affect his relationship with the public. “The public’s decision will be the final decision Inshallah.”

“I speak about the movement of justice today, which will ensure that a person will not have to deal with cases against their grandfather.” Meanwhile, Maryam Nawaz also asked the participants, “Do you accept a Pakistan where the public’s vote has the lowest worth.”

“Are you willing to accept a Pakistan in which an elected prime minister attends court summons, along with his daughter, but dictators such as Musharraf pay no heed to the court,” she said.

Jibing at political opponent Imran Khan, she asked the attendees if they were willing to accept a Pakistan where the judiciary was biased toward a ‘ladlaa’ (favourite).