PM directs to prepare strategy for math& science education

PM directs to prepare strategy for math& science education

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has urged Capital Administration and Development Division and provinces to prepare a coordinated strategy for improvement of Maths and science education.

He was speaking at the launching ceremony of the report "Powering Pakistan for 21st Century: How Mathcs and Science Power Nations" in Islamabad today.

The Prime Minister asked them to review the findings and recommendations of the report and prepare the strategy accordingly.

Nawaz Sharif said he has a vision that our children should lead local, national and international markets through innovation and enterpreneurship.

He said in line with this vision, modern facilities are being provided to public sector educational institutions in Islamabad.

He said this pilot initiative would be expanded to cover each and every corner of the country to ensure improvement in facilities and quality of education.

The Prime Minister said there are numerous challenges in the way but we can address them through collective will and determination, forgetting petty political differences.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif pointed out that Muslims have a rich background of contributing immensely to promotion of scientific knowledge. He said Pakistan is bestowed with capable manpower.