OIC must withdraw invitation to India to its upcoming session in March: Senators

OIC must withdraw invitation to India to its upcoming session in March: Senators

ISLAMABAD: The legislators in Senate unanimously demanded of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to withdraw invitation to India to attend its 50th session starting from March 1, in Abu Dhabi.

The lawmakers raised their voice against the Indian misadventure of violating Pakistan’s airspace in the wee hours. The Upper House of the Parliament, appreciating the timely response from Pakistan Air Force and compelling Indian jets to rush back in frustration, extended full support to the armed forces of the country.

At the outset of Senate session, Leader of the House Senator Shibli Fraz moved a resolution to suspend the routine business to debate on the Indian aggression.

Senator Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haidri said the Indian misadventure was much anticipated after Pulwama incident. He offered 10,000 volunteers of his party to fight against Indian army along with Pakistan’s valiant forces.

“Like some other countries in the world, Pakistan should also give army training to the youth to fight with the enemy side by side with the Pakistan army,” he said adding Pakistan was a nuclear country and it came into being after great sacrifice.

Leader of the Opposition in Senate Raja Zafar-ul-Haq condemned the Indian aggression and said despite political differences, the opposition was standing with the government in case of threat of war from Pakistan’s enemy.

Former chairman and Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian (PPPP) leader Raza Rabbai said India had never accepted the creation of Pakistan since 1947, however, on the other hand, Pakistani nation had always showed resilience. All of India’s policies including foreign, military and economic were aimed at destroying Pakistan, he added.

India violated Pakistan’s sovereignty so the message should be loud and clear to India and its associates that Pakistan would respond to this aggression, he said.

He said OIC never took notice of Indian aggression in Indian occupied Kashmir and it remained silent when Pakistan – the founder member of OIC was attacked by India.

“Being a responsible Islamic country, Pakistan has always raised voice against an attack on any other Islamic country in the world but this is an irony that no country has so far condemned Indian aggression,” Rabbani said.

He stressed upon parliamentary diplomacy to expose the face of India to the world while demanding from OIC to withdraw its invitation to India from its upcoming session.

Mian Ateeq Sheikh from MQM (Pakistan) said India was afraid of Pakistan’s foreign policy. Pakistan after restoring peace in the country was contributing towards peace in the region which was a real factor of India’s frustration against Pakistan.

Senator Mushtaq Ahmed Khan of Jamat-e-Islami said India failed to crush freedom movement in Indian occupied Kashmir despite using all brutality. He said the media and retired generals in India were busy making fool the Indian nation through false propaganda against Pakistan.

Senator Khushbakht Shujaat from MQM (Pakistan) said India’s aggressive action united Pakistan and it was a blessing in disguise.

She said there would be grave consequences for the entire world in case of war between the two nuclear rivals, adding the ambassadors of Pakistan across the globe must expose Indian ugly face before the world.

Senator Nauman Wazeer of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) said when Indian army was not capable of fighting unarmed Kashmiri freedom fighters, how it could manage to fight with Pakistan army to be known as the best army in the world.

“Indian air force has 750 fighter jets out of which 150 are operational whereas Pakistan air force has around 500 fighter planes and all of them are functional,” he said adding the House had to decide whether Pakistan should adopt the policy of hot pursuit or not.

He said Pakistan should adopt “first strike doctrine” to not only destroy Indian jets but should also obliterate the bases inside India from where these jets were flown.

He requested the Senate chairman to summon special session of committee of the whole to debate the first strike doctrine.

Faisal Javed from PTI said Pakistan had made enough sacrifices for world peace and as a result it emerged as a peaceful and peace loving country on the globe.

He said Pakistan would respond to Indian action at the right time, adding the government actions after Indian attack were much appreciated.

Shahzad Waseem of PTI said Kashmiri youth was armed with passion to get freedom from the clutches of Indian occupied forces. Pakistan armed forces enjoyed the support of entire nation, he added.

Bahramand Khan Tangi of PPPP stressed the need of maintaining close liaison among media, people, politicians and institutions defending the country. He urged to strengthen the country economically to cope with present day challenges.

Dr Ashok Kumar of PTI said over 220 million people of Pakistan were supporting country’s armed forces.

Siraj-ul-Haq head of Jamat-e-Islami said India had badly failed to defeat indigenous freedom movement of Kashmiris. The world community had realized that the freedom movement of Kashmir was being led by Kashmiri youth.

He said he had failed to understand the OIC invitation to Indian foreign minister for its upcoming session in Abu Dhabi as guest of honour.

Javed Abbasi of PML-N stressed for forging unity among all ranks and expediting diplomatic efforts for highlighting Indian atrocities being committed in IoK.

Appreciating the summoning of joint session of Parliament on Wednesday, he asked the security forces to brief the Parliament in camera about the latest security situation of the country.

Sitara Ayaz of Awami National Party (ANP) demanded convening All Parties Conference for devising a joint strategy to muster support against possible Indian aggression.

Lt Gen (Retd) Abdul Qayyum of PML-N said Pakistan armed forces had won war against terrorism and sacrificed over 70,000 lives in this war.

Hafiz Abdul Karim of PML-N said the whole nation was united to foil Indian nefarious designs against our beloved country.

Kamran Michael of PML-N thanked the Senate chairman for issuing his production orders. He, keeping aside his personal grievances, gave a message to world that the whole nation was united against Indian adventurism.

Sussui Palejo of PPPP condemned India for using pellet guns against innocent Kashmiris.

Dr Ghous Mohammad Niazi of PML-N stressed forging unity among various ranks of the nation.       Dr Sinkadar Mandhro of PPPP stressed for devising consensus policies and said the opposition would support them.

Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif of MQM (Pakistan) said there was a stark difference between waging war and merely talking about the war. There were various other options available which should be exhausted first before going to war as it was not a child play.

He said let Pak Army hierarchy decide about the timing and mode of retaliation to Indian adventurism.

Mohsin Aziz of PTI said Pakistan would emerge victorious if war was imposed on us.

Talha Mehmood of JUI-F asked the House to unanimously pass a resolution to boycott the OIC session if India allowed to participate in its upcoming session.

Anwaar ul Haq Kakar of Balochistan Awami Party said Pakistan would respond Indian adventurism after carefully devising the strategy.