Former PAF chief sends a message to IAF Pilots families

Former PAF chief sends a message to IAF Pilots families

ISLAMABAD - Sohail Aman, Pakistan’s former Air Chief, has told the families of the captured pilots that there is no need to worry and Pakistan takes good care of its prisoners in accordance with the teachings of Islam, the country can go one step forward and return the pilots.

This move, while a bit counterintuitive, is going to demonstrate to the world that Pakistan is completely committed to peace –

if they aren’t already. Pakistan has already invited India to the table, and our DG ISPR and PM Imran Khan have also mentioned that war is no solution and the country wants a peaceful resolution.

India, with its reputation soiled from repeated setbacks, might try to save face and escalate the war. But if Pakistan returns the pilots, it’s going to create massive international pressure on India to resolve the situation.

If war happens, it’s going to be clear to every single person in the world that it was India’s doing – and Pakistan was committed to peace but had to defend itself.

With Pakistan’s might displayed with today’s targets being engaged and its constant offers of peace, this could be a single masterstroke that could end with India being forced to peace.