Terrorists Financing in Pakistan with an innovative way unearthed

Terrorists Financing in Pakistan with an innovative way unearthed

KARACHI- Terrorist Financing has become a major national security threat that has become the primary cause of concern for Security apparatus.

Security Agencies are trying to identify the facilitators and investors who sponsor the terror groups in Pakistan.

Investigation revealed that terrorists have invested their money in various sources. 

Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) SSP Umar Shahid told that interrogation was conducted against this investment and 3 accounts were identified in which terrorists gained invested money after profit.

Umar Shahid further stated that every department needs to play an active role for eradication of terrorism. The law enforcers will also block the investments by terrorists.

It was predicted that many covert groups will be discovered after identification of terrorism sponsors.

State Bank spokesperson Abid Qamar responded to the claims of investment by terrorists. He said that anti-money laundering laws were enforced in the country against persons who transfer money illegally. 

“Finance monitoring unit is also actively working in Pakistan”, he added.