Google paid tribute to Pakistan's Abdul Sattar Edhi

Google paid tribute to Pakistan's Abdul Sattar Edhi

ISLAMABAD:  Google paid a tribute to Abdul Sattar Edhi on Monday with its Doodle honors portraying him with his Edhi ambulance, a mother with her two kids, hospital home, pet dog and a book.

Google displayed the photo on its homepages in various countries, including Australia. The search engine giant praised Edhi for helping people all around the world. It must be noted that the Edhi Foundation even helped people who suffered from Hurricane Katrina in the United States of America.

Edhi is widely accepted as a great humanitarian and pride of Pakistan. He served as an award-winning philanthropist. Born today in 1928, he found Edhi Foundation back in 1951 after migrating to Pakistan upon independence.

Edhi saved the lives of thousands of orphan kids in Pakistan by raising them in his orphan home. He led the largest chain of ambulances across all cities in the country before being laid to rest on July 8, 2016

Not to mention the title of “Angel of Mercy” given to Edhi for his lifetime achievements apart from the numerous awards.