India to launch its first nuclear armed submarine into Sea

India to launch its first nuclear armed submarine into Sea

NEW DELHI: India will launch its first home built nuclear submarine into the Sea which is completing its final trials in the Bay of Bengal.


The 6,000 tons Arihant (Destroyer of Enemies) is powered by an 85-megawatt nuclear reactor and can cover a distance of 44 km in an hour (24 knots).


India will become the 6th country for having nuclear submarine.


The project was started in 1980s with the support of Soviet Union.


A navy official claimed that the vessel will be operated by the naval department but will remain under the direct control of India’s Nuclear Command Authority.


The vessel also fired a test missile.


Currently US, UK, France, Russia and China have nuclear submarines.


Pakistan and North Korea are also working on deploying nukes at sea.


Pakistan finalized a deal to buy 8 Chinese conventional submarine which can be equipped with riskier nuclear tipped cruise missiles.


India also inducted a Russian leased nuclear submarine in 2012 and negotiating for another.


The deployment of nuclear submarine will allow India to deliver weapons from land, sea and air.


Asia Pacific industry analyst Jon Grevatt said “The Arihant is a stepping stone for India and I don’t think it will alter the balance of power in the region unless India has a fleet of four or five such submarines.”