India admitted pumping money to Baloch terrorists: US Author Christine Fair

India admitted pumping money to Baloch terrorists: US Author Christine Fair

WASHINGTON - Christine Fair, the Associate Professor at Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, through a tweet revealed that the senior officials of India in 2007, then a part of Manmohan Singh administration had disclosed splashing money in Balochistan.

“Pumping money into Balochistan” was the one-liner that the professor used in her sensational disclosure.

Though the statement was dubbed ‘unclear’ by the academic herself, however, it could be referred to the ground realities of 2007 when suicide bombing was imperilling the law and order situation of the country and political observers were alleging New Delhi of fomenting terrorism in the province through proxies.

In another interview with the Outlook, when Fair was asked to elaborate her expression, she said: It was intended to cultivate assets. That’s all I ever implied, though she said she had no evidence for explicit support for terrorism.

The political commentator, in her tweet, went on and claimed that the issue of splashing money in the violence-torn province was raised by the Pakistani authorities with their Indian counterparts during the historic Sharm el-Sheikh huddle that took place between Premier Yousaf Raza Gillani and Manmohan Singh.

The harbinger of Indian involvement to disrupt the law and order situation of polarised Balochistan is the statement of the then Premier Gillani who “mentioned that Pakistan has some information on threats in Balochistan and other areas.”

Apart from the tweet, Fair also blew the lid off Indian activities in Balochistan in one of the magazines named “Defence Primer, Today’s Capabilities, Tomorrow’s Conflicts, 2017″.

In that issue, Fair wrote an article titled ‘Doctrinal and Technological Innovations in the Indian Armed Forces’ discussing how India had been actively pursuing its interests in Balochistan.

” In recent years, India has flirted with giving a fillip to the Baloch insurgency,” Fair wrote in the article endorsing that Pakistan’s arch-rival India has been playing dirty games to destabilise Pakistan using Balochistan that shares border with war-torn Afghanistan and fundamentalist Iran.