China PLA Army Firepower 2017 kicks off

China PLA Army Firepower 2017 kicks off
The PLA Army's Firepower-2017 Shandan base training exercise kicked off at a training range in Liaoning Province at wee hours of August 19. It is the first of the four base training exercises, code named "Stride-2017 Zhurihe", "Firepower-2017 Qingtongxia", "Firepower-2017 Shandan" and "Firepower-2017 Queshan", organized directly by the PLA Army Headquarters in 2017. 

There are nine base training exercises scheduled for this year, five of which will be organized by the army troops under the five theater commands of the PLA and four by the PLA Army Headquarters, according to an official from the Training Bureau of the PLA Army Staff Department. 

These training exercises will be conducted in the following two months in four procedures of combat readiness, long-range delivery, offensive-defensive combat, review and summary. 

This is the first base training excise launched by the PLA Army after the organizational reform of the grassroots units of the PLA , the drill aims to test the combat readiness of all types of troops, expose problems and explore new training methods, Senior Colonel Liu Zheng, commander of an air defense brigade of the 79th Combined Corps, told PLA Daily. 

The brigade conducted rail transport of hardware under the cover of night screen at wee hours of August 22 in the training range in south Liaoning. 

It is known that the five base training exercises organized by army troops under PLA 's five theater commands will be conducted successively from August to December.

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