Asif decides to challenge his disqualification in SC

Asif decides to challenge his disqualification in SC

ISLAMABAD: PML-N’s Khawaja Asif has decided to challenge the verdict of Islamabad High Court that disqualified him as an MNA for not disclosing his employment in a UAE company.

In an interview with SAMAA, Khawaja Asif said he had never concealed his Iqama (work permit) and assets.

“It was a tax matter. How can I conceal it? I have declared all my assets, accounts and income details, and even the accounts of my wife,” he said.

“My lawyers will argue in the court in detail,” he said, adding that he is going to challenge his disqualification in the Supreme Court.

“None can snatch my long term contribution for the country and my 28-year-old political career,” said Asif, who remained federal minister for six times.

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A three-member bench of the IHC disqualified Khawaja Asif on a petition filed by PTI’s Usman Dar.

Justice Athar Minallah read out the ruling. The minister was disqualified under Article 62 (1)(f) of the constitution for holding an Iqama in UAE.

“We have handed down this judgment with a heavy heart,” the Court said in its judgement. “Not only because a seasoned and accomplished political figure stands disqualified but more so because the dreams and aspirations of 342,125 registered voters have suffered a setback.” APP/AFP