World Kashmiri Awareness Group demands independent inquiry of Indian Army Brutalities in Kashmir

World Kashmiri Awareness Group demands independent inquiry of Indian Army Brutalities in Kashmir

WASHINGTON: (APP) World Kashmiri Awareness Group demands independent inquiry of Indian Army Brutalities in Kashmir.


A US-based Kashmiri group has demanded an impartial investigation into the alleged molestation of a Kashmiri girl by an Indian soldier that triggered a wave of protest in the Indian Held Kashmir (IHK), regretting apathy of world leads towards crimes committed by the Indian army.


The World Kashmiri Awareness group, in a statement issued here, accused the Indian army and police for trying to cover up the incident and forcing the minor girl and her family to make a forced statement about the incident.


At least four people were reportedly killed in Indian firing when security forces resorted to violence to prevent protest demonstration against the alleged molestation of the schoolgirl in the Handwara town last week by an Indian soldier.


"We condemn the incident in strong terms. It seems evident that the Army and the police both are culpable in a cover up," Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, Secretary General of the World Kashmiri Awareness said in a statement here.


Dr. Fai said that after a wave of protest over the incident, the girl was taken to the police station where she was apparently forced to change the actual version of the incident. Her mother said that the girl was forced to say that she made false allegations about the army and the police.


The girl was prevented to appear before the media and the family's cellphones were confiscated to that no one could speak to them about the incident.  She was also denied access to the legal counsel.


"The obvious ravaging of this young woman, a mere child, and her reputation demonstrate the lengths to which a military and police authority will go to protect itself from accountability," Dr. Fai said and added that she was forced to contradict her earlier statement and that video was shown in public to mislead the world.


He challenged the official story and said how can an incident which according to the official story involved two minor boys, could provoke a riot against the army that resulted in the killing of five people.


Condemning the incident and attempts by the army and police to cover it up, the World Kashmiri Awareness demanded an impartial investigation to bring out the truth.


Dr. Fai said why the United Nations, United States and world should powers remain silent when the Indian army is involved in crimes against humanity? Don't they know that their silence unwittingly has given a sense of total impunity to the Indian army?”.


Demanding withdrawal of Indian troops from the occupied valley, Dr. Fai asked the world powers to back up their words with actions to prevent crimes against the humanity and help the people of Kashmir in their fight for their rights, including the right to self-determination.