PTI decides to go in court over allegations of PML-N

PTI decides to go in court over allegations of PML-N
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf has decided to go in court against PML-N government over the false propaganda, being hurled by government.


As per details, PTI senior party leaders meeting was held here at today in Bani Gala under the chairmanship of Imran Khan to discuss about the proposed inquiry commission and TORs to probe into Panama Papers.


The meeting exchanged views over the matter of investigation of Panama Leaks and government propaganda on the issue.


The participants of the meeting decided to go in court over the propaganda of government while State Bank of Pakistan would also be made a party in the petition, filed by PTI.


PTI Spokesperson Naeem ul Haq said that Panama Leaks issue could be resolved if government will put facts before nation.


Legal notice would be sent to Shahbaz Sharif by Jahangir Tareen over the allegations of loan write-off, Naeem ul Haq elaborated, adding that Terms of Reference for inquiry commission should be finalized with the consensus.


While rejecting the document of SBP, he alleged that this false document has been issued by PM House instead of SBP because economy of Pakistan was not affected by the sit-in protest of PTI in Islamabad.