Hajj Package 2024: Pakistani Hujjaj to get multiple new facilities

Hajj Package 2024: Pakistani Hujjaj to get multiple new facilities

Good news for prospective Hajj pilgrims: The Hajj policy for 2024 has already been prepared as of November 2023. The Minister of Religious Affairs states that the policy's approval will be sought from the federal cabinet within ten days. Last year, there were delays and various issues with the Hajj policy.

The concerned Federal Minister for Religious Affairs, Aniq Ahmed, mentioned that the new Hajj policy will include shorter duration pilgrimages, including a 40-day Hajj. Pakistani pilgrims will now be easily traceable. Pilgrims will be provided with two specially designed suits of specific colors for Hajj.

Furthermore, the Federal Minister mentioned that all the details of Hajj pilgrims will be available on the suitcases. This will include the pilgrim's name, passport number, place of residence, and school number, among other information.

Aniq Ahmed also added that prospective Hajj pilgrims will be in constant contact with their families in Pakistan. For the first time, pilgrims will be provided with a special mobile package, thanks to a contract with a Saudi Arabian mobile phone company.

The Minister of Religious Affairs also highlighted that Pakistani pilgrims will be able to make audio and video calls on their mobile phones without roaming charges, thanks to a 4,000-rupee mobile package, enabling unlimited communication with Pakistan.