WhatsApp to launch multiple new interesting features for users across the World

WhatsApp to launch multiple new interesting features for users across the World

WhatsApp link is planning to roll out a number of new features link in the coming link. From cashback on WhatsApp link to redesigning group info pages, there are many stores awaiting.

The Facebook-owned company aims to encourage users to choose WhatsApp link. So how does the cashback feature work? In the screenshots shared by WABetaInfo, you can see that the messaging giant warns users about the benefits of cashback. Now, it’s hard to say who is eligible for cashback. Are you just a customer who hasn’t used the service yet, or are you all users?

Next is the group redesign feature. This allows users to design group icons. Future offerings will allow users to add a background colour to the icon to give it an edge. Users can also add emojis and stickers. When this feature is open to the public, users will have to click on the group info section and tap the camera icon. Then click Emoji and stickers Create a group icon.

Another interesting update is about “last seen”. Many people disable the setting for a variety of reasons. In future updates, users will be able to select each contact they want to share and hide the last viewed details. Available for both iOS When Android device. Under your privacy settings, you’ll be given the option to include contacts who share the last displayed status.

Apart from the group icon editing tool, the messaging service Bring again Ability to allow users to report individual messages on WhatsApp link instead of reporting an entire chat or group chat. This is because WhatsApp link tried to curb malicious spam messages on the platform. This caused major problems with Facebook-owned platforms. This feature was discovered by WhatsApp link WABetaInfo in WhatsApp link for iOS beta versions and*–ohionewstime.com link*