Why Indian media has lauded Pakistan PM Imran Khan?

Why Indian media has lauded Pakistan PM Imran Khan?

NEW DELHI - Indian media has surprisingly hailed austerity drive initiated by the incumbent government of Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan.

In an article published in India Today link, an Indian journalist urged India’s ruling political fraternity to emulate austerity drive of PM Imran Khan.

“Imran Khan is presiding over a government that is battling to save the country from economic breakdown. To gain people's trust, Imran Khan earlier this year directed his cabinet to fully implement austerity measures and adopt a simple lifestyle so that the ministers are not seen as living an opulent life while the people are suffering”, read the article.

It further adds, “His US visit is an extension of the domestic austerity drive of the Imran Khan government. In fact, despite Imran Khan's inability to deal with pressing issues of Pakistan and continuing to use terrorism as a diversionary tool, his austerity drive might be emulated by politicians in India, which too is facing some serious economic issues. The economic growth rate is slowing down, unemployment is at record high, prices in retail markets are soaring and massive job loss is staring in many sectors of the economy.”