US Intelligence Officers jailed for selling Military secrets to enemy

US Intelligence Officers jailed for selling Military secrets to enemy

WASHINGTON - Former US intelligence officer Ron Hansen has been jailed for ten years for attempting to sell military secrets to China, the Justice Department said in a press release.

"A former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officer, who pleaded guilty in March to attempting to communicate, deliver, or transmit information involving the national defense of the United States to the People’s Republic of China, will serve 10 years in federal prison", the release said on Tuesday link .

In 2018, the release added, the 60-year old Utah man was arrested on his way to catch a flight from Seattle to China with possession of secret military information.

Hansen in his plea agreement said agents of a Chinese intelligence service targeted him for recruitment in early 2014, and he began meeting with them regularly in China. Hansen also said that in 2016 he began soliciting national security information link from a DIA case officer on behalf of Beijing, Sputnik has reported.

In the course of his relationship with the Chinese agents, Hansen received hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation for information he provided, according to the Justice Department.

Hansen was one of three former US intelligence officers recently convicted of acting on behalf of China, the release said.

According to the DoJ, "Hansen retired from the U.S. Army as a Warrant Officer with a background in signals intelligence and human intelligence. He speaks fluent Mandarin-Chinese and Russian, according to court documents. Upon retiring from active duty, DIA hired Hansen as a civilian intelligence case officer in 2006. Hansen held a Top Secret clearance for many years, and signed several non-disclosure agreements during his tenure at DIA and as a government contractor".