IB officials have links with Foreign Spy agencies, startling revelations surface

IB officials have links with Foreign Spy agencies, startling revelations surface

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s top spy agency, Intelligence Bureau , have been accused of having links with intelligence agencies of enemy countries including Afghanistan.

A serving assistant sub-inspector of IB , ASI Malik Mukhtar Ahmed Shahzad who has moved Islamabad High Court against his senior officers for failing to take action against terrorism suspects, besides pleading the court to refer the case to the ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) for deep investigations.

The case has been fixed for hearing before Justice Aamer Farooq on Monday who referred it to IHC Chief Justice Mohammad Anwar Khan Kasi, further suggesting that the crucial petition may be forwarded to Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui as another such case was pending in his court.

The IB’s insider stated in his petition that he reported against various terrorist groups having roots in Uzbekistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria and India.

“However, to the petitioner’s utter dismay, no action was ever been taken by IB in this respect despite concrete evidence provided to it in the form of the intelligence reports”, read the petition.

The petition reads that upon thorough intelligence gathering process, it transpired that certain high officials of the IB themselves were ‘directly involved with the terrorist organizations having linkages with hostile enemy intelligence agencies’.

Shahzad claimed that the matter was even reported to the IB director general but no one paid heed.

The spy noted in his petition that some IB officials went to Israel and had direct links with Afghan intelligence NDS, which in turn had ties with another terrorist group from Kazakhstan.

“These terrorists used to disguise themselves as citrus dealers in Kot-Momin and Bhalwal, Sargodha. The business was a mere camouflage,” the petition says.

Another allegation mentioned in the petition says that the son of joint director IB (Punjab) was dealing with the said terrorist groups.

The petition states that some officials of Afghan and Iranian intelligence used to take refuge in the places of the citrus dealers.

The petitioner has categorically named certain IB’s officials who are on the payroll of foreign intelligence agencies including a joint director general, directors and deputy directors.

“The senior IB officials also facilitate Afghan nationals in getting Pakistani nationality,” read the petition.

Mr Shahzad contended that he knocked every door including the PM House to raise national security breach and protect lives of the citizen of this country but in vain.

The petitioner pleaded the court to entrust premier Intelligence Agency ISI with widespread probe regarding the issue of connivance, complacency and involvement of official of IB and other senior bureaucrats raised in the petition.

The petition further requested that the Prime Minister be directed to develop a comprehensive strategy to monitor IB officials’ involvement in sectarian terrorism.

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