China unveils new military armed drone with stunning performance

China unveils new military armed drone with stunning performance

BEIJING - Chinese aerospace company Rainbow UAV Technology’s first Taizhou-assembled Rainbow-4 drone recently passed its inaugural test flight - pointing to Beijing’s increased armed drone production capabilities.

In a Wednesday statement, Rainbow UAV Technology’s parent company Aerospace CH UAV announced that the first Rainbow-4 drone constructed at its large and medium-sized drone plant in Taizhou, Zhejiang province, had completed its first test flight, Sputnik has reported.

The armed UAV’s 95-kilometer maiden flight lasted approximately 48 minutes - meeting Rainbow-4 drone design requirements, reported Yicai Global link .

According to the Asia Times link, the Rainbow-4 UAV is equipped with upgraded electronic payloads and satellite controls which assist the aircraft’s ability to strike a target with a margin of error of less than 1.5 meters.

“The drone will be the first delivery in a contract Rainbow UAV Technology and National Geomatics Center of China,” Yicai Global reported, citing the company’s statement. The deal, worth $22 million, is also said to include seven emergency mapping drones.

With one successful assembly and test under its belt, the Taizhou facility is expected to push out more medium and large-sized UAVs after completing additional phases in equipment commissioning and trial production. The company did not say whether its immediate production schedule would include drones other than the Rainbow-4.

While China’s military developments link have increased tensions between Washington and Beijing in recent years, Chinese drone technology in particular has put the Pentagon on high alert in the past several months.