Three PTI female MNAs face disqualification threat

Three PTI female MNAs face disqualification threat

*ISLAMABAD - Three PTI women lawmakers from PTI face the disqualification threat from Islamabad High Court.*

*The Islamabad High Court accepted a plea on Friday to hear the disqualification case of three women MNAs from the PTI.*

There are allegations that Maleeka Bokhari and Tashfeen Safdar hold dual nationalities while Kanwal Shauzab provided incorrect information to the court.

During the hearing, Justice Amir Khan asked if all three MNAs hold dual nationality.

The petition against them was filed by Abdullah Khan. The petitioner’s lawyer Ahmed Raza Kasuri told the court that two women were dual nationals and one had misinformed the IHC. He requested that the MNAs be disqualified for not complying with Article 62 and 63 of the Constitution.