Javed Sadiq response to Imran Khan's allegations against CM  

Javed Sadiq response to Imran Khan's allegations against CM  

ISLAMABAD: (APP) Executive Director China State Construction Engineering Corporation Javed Sadiq Wednesday said Imran Khan has been misled and wrong facts have been fed to him about him (Sadiq) and his companies.

In a statement issued here, he said, "I am issuing the statement with reference to the allegations made by honourable Imran Khan who mentioned misleading facts about me and my companies. I believe that Mr Khan has been misled and wrong facts have been fed to him."

Javed Sadiq said Imran Khan talked about four projects.

He said Islamabad airport terminal building project was awarded to his company after competitive bidding by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) during the government of Pakistan Peoples Party.

"We were the lowest bidder and our prices were four billion rupees less than the next bidder. It was an international bidding and the project is about to be completed this year."

He said the second project was Software Technology Park in Lahore and that project was awarded to his company in the international bidding. Being the lowest company, the project was given during the days of Pervaiz Elahi who was the then chief minister of Punjab.

The third project is Multan Sukkur Motorway Project which is a China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project and is being funded by Chinese government, Sadiq said adding, "My company was nominated by the Chinese government along with two other companies."

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National Highway Authority (NHA) had called the tenders and among three companies China Construction was the lowest bidder and the project had been awarded to it on that basis in December 2015.

The fourth project is the Quaid-i-Azam solar park and it is an investment project by a Chinese company Zonergy.

"For this project, we had based our financial feasibility on award of 900 megawatts."

Javed Sadiq said NEPRA gave his company the tariff for the first 300 megawatts. The project has been installed and commissioned and is now supplying electricity to the national grid.

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"For the remaining 600 megawatts we have been treated unfairly and we have not been awarded the tariff for the project for which investment agreement had been signed in the presence of Chinese President and Pakistani Prime Minister."

He said, "We have taken the government of Pakistan to cour and Islamabad High Court gave a decision in our favour and referred the case back to NEPRA for hearing."

"It is purely an investment project and unfortunately we did not get the support of the government of Pakistan as we have expected for this CPEC project."

China State Construction Engineering Corporation is   a state owned company and is the largest company of the world according to ENR report 2016.

This company was ranked 27th among the global 500 fortune companies.

Javed Sadiq said as the executive director of China State Construction Engineering Corporation, it was his responsibility to develop the business of this Chinese corporation in Pakistan.

"I would request that the Chinese companies and CPEC shall not be maligned without ascertaining the facts."

He said the figures quoted by Imran Khan were baseless and he completely deny them.

Javed Sadiq is working as a businessman since 1998 and was a ZTE shareholder and instrumental in bringing foreign investment to Pakistan.

He requested media not to present misleading facts rather highlight the actual position.

"I hereby reserve my legal rights to take action against anyone spreading false and fabricated stories in this regard," he concluded.