Saudi Arabia allows direct flights from Pakistan

Saudi Arabia allows direct flights from Pakistan

ISLAMABAD – Saudi Arabia’s civil aviation authority Thursday announced that it would allow direct entry to travelers from six countries, including Pakistan.

Saudi Arabia suspended all international flights in March 2020, following the coronavirus outbreak. The suspension was lifted in May this year, but was not applicable to many countries due to the pandemic situation.

To arrive in the kingdom, travelers from countries facing a travel ban had to spend 14 days in a third country unless they had valid residency permits and were fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia.

In a notification issued on Thursday, the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) said it was allowing “direct entry to the Kingdom from the following countries: (Republic of Indonesia, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Federal Republic of Brazil, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Arab Republic of Egypt, Republic of India), without the need to stay (14) days outside these countries before entering the Kingdom.”

Travelers coming from these countries are still required to spend five days in quarantine upon arrival, regardless of their immunization status outside the kingdom.