Tarbela 48 hours: Officials

Tarbela 48 hours: Officials

ISLAMABAD: Two major water reservoirs of the country are likely to reach the dead level within next 24-48 hours, says Indus River System Authority (Irsa) spokesman Khalid Rana on Friday.

It is going to be the third time in the period of just two months that the two major dams of the country will reach a historical dead level, he added.

Currently the water situation in the country is quite ‘disturbing’ and worsening with each passing day. He said normally in the month of May the water situation in these two dams is not this much alarming, but this year so far it continues to be like this.

He laments that the rising temperature and insufficient rainfall are worsening the water situation in the country.

“Current water situation in the country is abnormal and if there will be no ‘good’ rains in the next few months then it will have devastating impact on agriculture and economy,” said Rana. The water crisis is already having an adverse impact on cotton crop and will have the same on rice and sugarcane too, he maintained.