Russia unveils next generation MiG - 35 fighter Jet

Russia unveils next generation MiG - 35 fighter Jet

ST.PETERSBURG - Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) has begun flight tests of the next-generation MiG-35 multirole jet, the company’s president told Sputnik.

"It is already being tested," Yuri Slyusar, who also chairs the aircraft maker’s management board, confirmed.

The MiG-35 is a multipurpose generation fighter and an advanced derivative of the original MiG-29М/М2 fighter, featuring improved combat capabilities and flight performance characteristics. It is capable of reaching speeds of up to 2,700 kilometers per hour (1,700 miles per hour) and having a combat radius of 1,000 kilometers.

[image: The MiG-35 aviation complex presented in Moscow Region. File photo] © SPUTN Last year, UAC CEO said that mass production of the MiG-35 4++ generation multirole fighter would begin in the next two years following the end of tests.

UAC reportedly considers cooperation not only with the Russian Aerospace Forces <link>, but also with the foreign partners in the next two or three years.

The latest Russian advanced MiG-35 multirole fighter jet could be reportedly in demand in the Middle East and may soon be presented to a number of potential buyers from the region.