Nisar sees Justice Jilani as caretaker PM

Nisar sees Justice Jilani as caretaker PM

ISLAMABAD: Former Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar said it appears that Justice (retd) Tasadduq Hussain Jilani would become the Prime Minister in caretaker set up.

“It seems that the matter of selection of caretaker PM would be referred to the parliamentary committee,” Nisar said.

The former minister said it is not necessary that those joining PTI would win the elections.

“Every political party has its own electables,” the PML-N leader said.

The veteran politician is going to contest elections from 2 NA constituencies and 2 PA constituencies.

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Deadlock persists over caretaker PM’s appointment

Despite several meetings, the PM and Opposition Leader have failed to develop consensus over the appointment of caretaker PM.

“I will not meet the PM again,” said Shah. “Today, I will send the Speaker our names for the parliamentary committee.”

The PPP has selected former PCB chairperson Zaka Ashraf and Jalil Abbas Jilani, a former Pakistani ambassador to Washington, as nominees for the caretaker PM slot. APP